May 12, 2010

Welcome Chelsea

We have a new intern... and we heart her already.

Meet Chelsea.

I’m Chelsea, the new and improved CE Design Drone. I cook. I clean. I design. I intern.

I graduated from Southeastern University last Saturday and now spend my nine-to-five within the lovely pink walls of CE Design Co.

I have a Bachelor of Science in Public Relations and Journalism with a minor in music. Quite a combination, I know.

I am spending my summer at CE Design Co. helping with anything that's needed, and hopefully learning a thing or two along the way. Not to mention, I’m getting college credit for hanging out with Mac. Couldn't ask for much more.

I won’t even go into detail of where I’m from. Let’s just say I was born in New Jersey, lived in Malaysia somewhere along the way, and ended up here.

I like to rock out on my guitar (that is, if you consider my Brandi Carlile-esque style to be rocking out). I enjoy Saturday walks downtown with my boyfriend and aspire to own a teacup Chihuahua someday. Really.

Don't Dream to Big...

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