May 18, 2010

The Winners

Ok. We listened to everything you all said... and here are the results from yesterday's polls.

For Camellia Rose, most people liked option #1, but some did like the focus of the teapot in option #2. Therefore, we changed the colors around a bit to focus more on the teapot in option #1. Hope you like the results! Now go a drink the tea... it's 100% better than their logo.

As for those Koozies, it was all over the board, so we picked out some of the points that you liked and tried to make a combo. BTW - Caddie and Caddy are exactly the same. The dictionary actually gives us some creative freedom for once, therefore we stuck with the Caddie because the hanging "y" messed up our masterpiece.

Thanks so much for your opinions. They help more than you know.

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