Jul 21, 2010

Chic Antiques - VOTE NOW!!!

Here at CE Design Co. we value your feedback much more than you may think... and we need your help again. Don't be shy, tell us your favorite. There are very minimal changes in these options, but the slightest differences in color have big impacts on people. This is a new logo for a Shabby Chic Antique Company based out of Plant City, Florida. Help us out and tell us which one you are drawn to most.


  1. My eye kept being drawn to #2.

  2. i was about to say the exact same thing as jess...#2 kept my eye drawn to it.

  3. #3

    I do not associate the color gray with what "chic" describes. Antiques are often associated with pastel colors. I like #3 because the "C" in chic is pink. (I personally think of pink when I think of "chic"). Although your eye goes to #3 and #4 first, it's only because of the darker gray color. Maybe you could outline the letters in a darker shade of whatever that letter's color already is-- to make it "pop" a little more. Or maybe some slight shadowing?

  4. My fave is number 3,I like the pink and green.