Feb 18, 2011

Somethings Fishy...

Long John Silver's will eventually unveil a new identity design and tagline, "We Speak Fish," as shown above. "The new look attempts to change the perception of LJS from a low-end, boppy fast-food chain to a faux, semi-upscale one." We at CE think that the little fishy is pretty cute and the new, clean typeface is a huge improvement over their old (smelly) letters. The tagline is one of the most clever ones we have heard in a while, although the point of it may lack alittle. Glad they can speak fish but what about that makes me want to eat the fish. Still, pretty clever little line.

The new identity shows improvement in regards to the older design, and resembles the look of a semi-upscale restaurant, like Red Lobster. Sadly, as stated in the article, more of their brand will have to take the same uphill trend to get the perception of "upscale" across.

Click HERE to read more of the article.

We want to know your thoughts... Do you think this new design will make a splash or will it become stale?

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