Mar 16, 2011

Starbucks Logo Update.

If you can recall, we blogged in January about the updated Starbucks logo.

The new logo was officially released last Tuesday, March 9, on all its cups. The new logo also appeared on signs at a handful of stores, and will show up on more storefronts in the future.

The implementation of the new logo onto many of the mediums is really looking good. At first, we were alittle unsure of what the finished product, but it is amazing how the overall look of a logo can change once it is placed on or with other object.

We especially love the way they blew up the face and placed it on the coffee sleeve. We couldn't have done it any better if they asked us!

This is the fourth version of Starbucks' logo since the company's beginnings in Seattle in 1971. The first update came in 1987, and the most recent update had occurred in the 1990s as the company went public.

As it was stated by the company, the new logo "is better suited to the company's expansion beyond coffee and cafes into a wider array of products sold at other retailers and into more international markets."

Have you been to Starbucks since the introduction of the new logo? What was your reaction once you were handed your order?

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