Apr 5, 2011

DEADLINE EXTENDED - Business Card Contest!!

DEADLINE EXTENDED!! We are extending the deadline for the chance to have your business card redesigned simply because we have only received 3 entries and we KNOW that there are more business cards out there in need of some lovin! So here's the deal, even if you think your business card is as cute as your baby, don't be afraid to submit it! We are happy to give even the most beautiful cards a facelift. Just think of all the gorgeous girls in Hollywood that undergo botox treatments on a daily basis just to be sure they are keeping up with the Jones! SO if your business card was designed with vista print, or if you didn't seek a professional to do the job, submit your business card now!!

NEW DEADLINE: APRIL 15th! Voting will be open April 18-22. Winner will be announced on April 18th.

Above are some cards that we have loved on! We would love to add yours to the list.

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