Jan 28, 2011

A Day in the Life of No Internet

This is a recent news story that made its way to the offices of CE Design Co.

"In response to increasing civil unrest, the Egyptian government appears to have disabled almost all Internet connectivity with the rest of the world. The Internet's global routing table, which is used by Internet routers to determine where to send traffic, has had virtually every Egypt-bound route withdrawn, giving the Internet traffic no path either into or out of the country."

Click HERE to read more of the article.

If we faced a similar dilemma with no Internet connection, first off, we would go crazy. Personally, I would be on the next plane to DC to speak with whoever was in charge... I would let him know that there would be no possible way I am able to function without internet. First off, I would not be able to online shop, check social media and look on craigslist for old furniture. Secondly, here at CE, we would not be able to do anything at all - we would be forced to declare it a "Shopping Day". Frankly, we would relate to the image above.

What do you think... what would you do with a day that was internet free?

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