Jul 22, 2011

Help the Birds Fly | Graphic Design & Marketing | Lakeland and Central Florida

Today is the day. Postmarked ontime!! The birds are taking flight and we will see if they have enough impact on the judges of the Sappi Ideas That Matter Grant. We will see if we were able to pull off receiving just under $50,000 to give the birds just a little boost. Here's a description of what that project will entail if granted the funds:

Description of the Proposed Project:
The goal for Birds of Hope (BOH) is to provide brand management through the development of supporting brand materials, while helping to organize and enhance the overall image. Through the items requested, we would like to help BOH ease day to day operations, expand their already thriving product base, and cohesively work with a common goal of raising more funds.

One: Provide BOH with a Professional Brand Image through design and printing of a stationery package; organization, copywriting, and printing of a media kit; packaging for the current products; organization and printing of a merchandising kit; an online advertising budget; and bumper stickers. All items will aide in spreading the word about BOH.

Two: Launch of an Apparel Line. We would like to introduce an apparel line that compliments the newly created brand image. The launch of this new line will help create more income for BOH to donate to various non profit organizations. The newly created apparel line will include popular fits and also clearly communicate the message of hope through creative and witty design. The overall goal of the apparel line is to raise awareness while raising funds.

Three: Informative Ecommerce Website. The newly developed website will not only present an organized and informative front online for BOH, but it will act as a portal for business. The new site will include everything listed above for ease of operation.

Currently: CE Design Co. has developed a logo and website, as well as a few other pieces of supporting brand material for BOH. We have, however, been limited in terms of funds spent on photography, copywriting and printing. We feel if you are able to provide us with the grant to develop the materials listed above, BOH will be able to soar even higher than they already have.

Keep your fingers crossed and say alittle prayer... we sure hope that these birds will fly high!

Be sure to check out their website at www.BirdsOfHope.org or find them on FB!

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