Sep 1, 2011

Get Your Kern On | Graphic Design | Lakeland, Tampa, Orlando and Central Florida

Basically I owe my life to one of my first bosses, Gary Bernloher of Florida Trend. He not only gave me the confidence that I needed to fly, but he taught me one of the most important keys to good design... KERNING. Kerning is the space between the letters when words are typed out. If a graphic designer doesn't know what kerning is, they can't work for CE Design Co. That's the first question in the interview process. Kerning must be adjusted to achieve design that looks professional. Check out the next logo you see. If there's unequal space between the letters, or a big gap between the "V" and the "O", you can probably bet that baby was designed on Logos and headlines are probably the two most important things that you have watch your kerning on.

One website puts it like this: The term kerning refers to adjusting the space between two letters. You have the ability to alter the space between letter pairs, making minute adjustments until your type looks just right.

That's our lesson for today... so go ahead and get your KERN on.

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